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Richard Jamin

Richard Jamin

Title: Owner/President and CEO

Office/Cell: 757-482-3990 | 757-573-4045

Hobbies: Golf, Travel, Family
Fun Fact: Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane with my son on his 18th birthday.

Meaning of Customer Service: Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful company. It requires that all employees are driven to create “Raving Fans” of their customers and to ensure complete satisfaction.

Memorable Customer Service Moment: Customer had two young children and experienced a severe house fire. Devastated, she attempted to handle all of the issues surrounding the clean-up and restoration alone. Of particular concern were the children’s stuff animals which all had names and were brought into their parent’s bedroom each night for a traditional kiss. The claimant was worried that her children would be upset that their toys were taken away for cleaning and not with them. We completed their rush items within four hours and went to a department store to pick up a few new stuffed animals for the kids. We prepared a note to the children letting them know their “Friends” were in our special CARE unit and being well taken care of and “they” sent these new toys to keep them company until their return. The stuffed animals did the trick the children were very happy and made a special colorful note of thanks to our staff. Since then, we provide every homeowner with younger children a Stuffed Bear to help minimize their anxiety during a tragic time. For me, the Bear has come to symbolize the importance of what these types of tragedy’s have on people and that compassion is not just conveyed, it’s felt.


Paul Ballance

Title: Vice President of Operations

Office/Cell: 757-482-3990 | 757-513-1570

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, and Spending time with family.

Meaning of Customer Service: Treating a customer in such a way that they become a cheerleader of you and your company and would recommend you to anyone.

Memorable Customer Service Moment: I had a customer with a severe fire and who was totally overwhelmed. I worked to calm her down and help her collect the garments she wanted restored. Not surprisingly, the house was in total disarray with things thrown all over the place. I returned to the plant and we began the cleaning process when my phone rang with a panicked customer saying I had taken her passport that was in one of her drawers. She was certain that she saw it there before and after the fire and needed it to take an out of the country trip in the next few days. I committed to searching for it in the plant and made several calls to the full service restoration company on the job to be on the lookout for the passport. I called the passport office to find out what was needed to have a new one produced and was told a birth certificate which unfortunately was destroyed in the fire. For two days I searched our location, the vans and anywhere else I could, to find the missing document while communicating with the homeowner throughout the process always giving her hope that the passport would be found. In a last ditch effort, I went back to the home and search the entire house concentrating on the dresser she said the passport was in. Exhausted and made to feel a bit uncomfortable by the multiple cups of coffee I consumed that morning, I hesitantly made my way to the master bathroom. Letting my mind wonder while staring at the picture on the wall, my attention shifted to a basket on the shelf which contained a small blue colored vinyl case that read PASSPORT. I was so excited that I almost dropped it, which at that moment would not have been a good thing. When I called the customer to let her know I had found the passport and where, she sighed and said, “You know, that’s exactly where I left It”. She’s been singing the praises of my detective work ever since. By the way, she never did take that trip.


Kevin Lepley

Title: Senior Project Manager

Office/Cell: 757-482-3990 | 757-705-1818

Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, Surfing, Camping and Spending time with family.

Meaning of Customer Service: I think there is a big difference between customer service and great customer service. It means letting people know that they are my number one priority. I strive for taking the “asking” out of their request’s I want to handle things for them before they ask.

Memorable Customer Service Moment: I had a customer who was part of the military and moved around the world multiple times, each creating trouble with their possessions. She was concerned that the items we would take may not return to her like in her past moving experience. I took the time to inventory each item in all stages of the process. As we collected the items, while in cleaning and during our storage process. She was given inventory sheets throughout at each stage and was so impressed with our compassion for her concerns that she wrote a letter of appreciation to the CEO of USAA about my handling of her claim.

Connie Stith

Connie Stith

Title: Plant Manager

Office/Cell: 757-482-3990 | 757-777-4466

Hobbies: Reading – mysteries and crime novels are my all time favorites.

Fun Fact: I would be the friend that you would want to use as a “Life Line” if you were ever on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

Meaning of Customer Service:  To me, it means going above and beyond all obstacles to meet our customers’ needs. I want to take every opportunity possible to ensure that each customer is offered the care and consideration that I would expect.

Memorable Customer Service Moment: I had a customer with an extremely bad fire who wanted to stop by our warehouse to pick out some addition clothing after they were cleaned. I stayed after our normal business hours to accomodate her work schedule. During our time together, I discovered that not only is she dealing with the devastation and trauma of a house fire, but other situations in here life were causing great stress. After an hour and a half of searching boxes and picking out the clothing she needed for her family, she thanked me not only for the assistance but also for listening to her.  I walked away from that moment feeling a great since of happiness because I know in my heart that what little role I had in her life, it was like therepy for her stress.